1. Talk to your friends and neighbors about the harm that will come to our local schools if Woodland Prep opens.
  2. Encourage parents not to enroll or even consider enrolling their children in Woodland Prep. Warn them we are receiving unverified reports that parents who even talk to a Woodland Prep recruiter are being listed as having enrolled their child. So, don’t even talk to any Woodland Prep representatives.
  3. Call your State Senator, Greg Albritton, at (251) 937-0240 and POLITELY ask him to 1) rescind his letter of support for Woodland Prep and 2) ask the Public Charter School Commission to rescind Woodland Prep’s charter.
  4. E-mail the Alabama Public Charter School Commission at pcs@alsde.edu and POLITELY convey your concerns about Woodland Prep and ask them to rescind Woodland Prep’s charter.
  5. Be prepared to pack the courthouse when there is a hearing in the Wilson v. Tarim lawsuit.
  6. Encourage all educators to join and become involved in the Washington County Education Association, whose leaders and members have been leading the fight against Woodland Prep and which, through its parent organization, the Alabama Education Association, is funding the litigation.

You have the power to stop Woodland Prep from opening and draining resources from Washington County public schools.