This is what the Woodland Prep backers are after: your hard-earned tax dollars.

Out-of-State Backers

Woodland Prep is a proposed quasi-public “charter school” that has been approved to open in 2020 by the Alabama Public Charter School Commission. It is the brainchild of Soner Tarim, a Texas-based charter school investor. Tarim, who was recently denied the right to open more franchise charter schools in Texas, will get a 15% “management fee” off the top of every taxpayer dollar that goes to Woodland Prep.

To finance construction and cover initial operating costs, he has secured high-interest loans through American Charter Finance Corporation out of Utah. In short, this school is already over $200,000 in debt, that taxpayers are liable to pay, and the first desk hasn’t even been purchased yet.

Community Fights Back

Since Woodland Prep was first proposed, local officials and educators have been fighting back. They have made it clear that there is no public support for this school beyond a very narrow set of out-of-state corporate interests. That has culminated in a lawsuit by members of the community, local educators, and their association seeking to stop the opening of an unwanted school that will do nothing but drain resources for the successful public schools in our community.

Next Steps…

Help us stop the drain of dollars from Washington County classrooms to out-of-state interests.